Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Fotos

(Sorry for the poorly alliterated title, but it was either that or "Phriday Photos", and I settled on the former...)

I have a bunch of pictures I keep meaning to post on, so my efficient (or wannabe) mind says, Just do them all at once! So I am, and here they are.

Here's the 5-year-old birthday girl! Hannah said she especially wanted "the other Hannah, Susan's Hannah" to see her pictures : ) It's hard to believe she's 5 already! I still remember my fifth birthday party... *sigh* Mine had Barbies and Mickey Mouse, her's has Emily Dickinson and "kitchen" supplies! More to come on my "misspent youth"- and my remedy for it- later. ; )

And here she is again, getting smothered in kisses from her Mommy and Papa. Poor thing, so many people to love her, and only two cheeks!


Here's a batch of foccacia bread I made a while back. I used spelt flour, and I topped the loaves with olive oil, kosher salt, and oregano. Yum! I saw one of these (made with white flour, of course) selling for $2.00 at WalMart. I haven't done the cost-comparison yet, but I'm almost positive that I have less than that (or $2 at most) in both of these, total. I'll compare the costs when I post the recipe for you here.


This is what I came home to one day recently after working at the library. I don't know what was going on in my room while I was gone, but I'm thinking it probably had something to do with Matthew and Hannah! It made me think of the picture from The Cat in the Hat... (And I wish I could say that "their" presence accounts for the all of the mess on the bookshelf, but no, sorry, I have to take credit for about 90% of it. The movie hanging off the edge is from them, though...) What are you supposed to do with great big hardcover books that don't fit on your shelves?? Any suggestions?


Blogger Susan said...

I'll make sure "Susan's Hannah" looks at these ;). That is so cute. You picked some great pictures to post :). I love the contrast between her 5th birthday gifts and yours. Emily Dickinson??? Wow. Oh, and true confessions: I played with Barbies too. *hides face in shame*

How does spelt flour compare in texture and taste to wheat flour? The loaves look yummy!

Remedy for hardcover books that don't fit in a bookshelf? The problem isn't the books, so don't blame it on them! You just need a bigger bookshelf :). That's my solution. Although this summer my solution to that problem was boxing up the "not-as-immediately-necessary" books :(. I decided two large bookshelves in my small room was about capacity.

9/09/2006 6:50 AM  
Blogger une_fille_d'Ève said...

Fun pictures! I especially like the one of Hannah being kissed on both cheeks - very cute!

9/09/2006 12:40 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

I have since been informed, by a witness and by the culprit himself, that the chairs were placed there in front of the shelves by Matthew. Hannah didn't sit there, though he intended her to.
*silly boy*

9/09/2006 8:49 PM  

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