Friday, February 17, 2006


(Sorry, everyone, that's my corniest post-title ever.)

Last Saturday I adjusted a quick bun recipe that can make hamburger rolls if you make them the right size! That was a fun one for me. The recipe called for an egg (we were out), and I was making it while my stepdad was at Wal-Mart buying the eggs, and I unfortunately couldn't wait for him (if I only had my chickens!!). So I ran down to the computer, did a quick Google for "egg substitutions" and came across a really quick, inexpensive, extra-nutritious replacement for eggs in baking recipes. All you do is take a tablespoon of whole flaxseed, grind it up finely in your blender, and mix it with 1/4 cup of almost-boiling water. "Whip" it with a fork for 30 seconds to a minute and let it cool and thicken up a bit. Then stir it into your recipe as you would a beaten egg. The resulting product has a little more fiber and essential fatty acids, not to mention nice little brown flecks for an impressive "whole grain" appearance! (But of course my rolls were whole-grain to begin with- : ) ) ...Now I only need to see which is cheaper, flaxseed or egg...

But back to the recipe- it takes only 45 minutes, from flour to buns, including rising and baking times! I halved the recipe and made 12 rolls, which had I divided it into 8, they really would've been hamburger buns. So I could make a whole batch, yielding 16 buns, and freeze the other 8 for another day. The texture was just right, and they even turned out with little bottom halves so it was obvious where to cut them apart! They were so cute : ) (Okay it's pretty pathetic for me to get so excited about bread. I won't mention that when I pulled them from the oven I ran around to everyone in the house to show them and exclaim, "I can make hamburger buns with this recipe!! Hamburger buns! See??" *shy grin* I even told the one year old.)

(recipe forthcoming)

[My apologies to Susan- you've read this before! But after typing it all out to you I realized that I really could post it on my blog too. I'm making up for lost blog-time today. I'm terrible about going through a day thinking, "oooh- I ought to blog about that" and then when I actually have time on the computer (if I have time) I never can remember what it was I was going to say! tsk-tsk]


Blogger Susan said...

Hmmm, sounds interesting. Not sure how I'd enjoy a flaxseed substitute for egg. I haven't used flaxseed, though, so I wouldn't know. I'm glad they turned out well. It's amazing the different things that substitute well for each other.

2/19/2006 5:19 PM  

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